Sellers Ready Legal Pack

Conveyancing Fees from just £370 +vat & disbursements 

Sellers legal pack.jpg

Sellers Ready Legal Packs are an exclusive service from Moving Direct & our panel firms. This new approach to conveyancing allows homeowners to sell their home faster by up completing most of the conveyancing legal paperwork free of charge in advance of receiving an offer or even before you have placed your property onto the market. 


The benefits of a Sellers Ready Legal Pack are that the following legal requirements will be completed prior to an offer being made:

  • Property Information Forms, Fixture & Fittings Documents completed

  • Planning, building regulations and guarantees collected

  • The usual enquiries of the Seller prepared in advance

  • Replies to the anticipated enquiries of a buyers

  • Land Registry Searches completed


It is also worth noting that by utilising our Sellers Ready Legal Pack Service and by providing all the upfront information on your property you are reducing the risk of the sale falling through by over 50% whilst also reducing the length of a standard transaction by up to 3 weeks! This method of conveyancing is recommended by the Government and property experts